Copies of PixelSpoke's 2023 Impact Report

Impact Report 2023

As a B Corp and employee-owned cooperative, impact is at the heart of everything we do. Our 2023 Impact Report is particularly meaningful because it celebrate’s PixelSpoke’s 20th birthday!

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What's Inside

  • Letters from our outgoing CEO and incoming leadership
  • 20-year timeline honoring PixelSpoke’s 20th birthday
  • Our impact on the cooperative economy and credit union movement
  • Award-winning credit union websites
  • The PixelSpoke team wearing our “Enjoy the Jouney” PixelSocks!

… and much more!

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PixelSpoke 2023 Impact Report Spread

2023 By the Numbers

  • Dollars donated to support the cooperative economy

  • % of annual profits donated to causes selected by employees


  • % of team members who are PixelSpoke co-owners

  • Downloads of The Remarkable Credit Union podcast

  • Clients engaged in our Community Roundtables


  • Steps our team took during our Summer Walking Challenge

  • Our 2023 NPS score

  • Website awards won in 2023

  • Our latest B impact score

Hilary Kissell of Embold Credit Union

Great design, smart and compelling copy, wonderful dev support, and great colleagues to work with. You are some of my favorite partners!

— Hilary Kissell, Director of Marketing and Community Development, Embold Credit Union

Award-Winning Sites

See some of the websites that won MAC, CUNA, and/or Davey Awards in 2023

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