You may have had us at “website redesign,” but we’re in this for the long haul.

How We Work

We believe a website represents the center of an organization’s marketing ecosystem and serves as the most tangible expression of your brand. That’s why we typically begin our client partnerships with a website redesign.

After launch, as part of a longer-term partnership agreement, we’ll provide recommendations for ongoing improvements, drawing from our significant strategic, technical, and industry experience.

Our Website Redesign Process

At PixelSpoke, we know your website is more than a pretty face — though we’ll give it one of those, too. Our proven process consists of five clearly defined stages that will deliver a modern, user-friendly, customized website — on time and on budget.

Roadmap of PixelSpoke website redesign process

Phase 1: Discover

We begin by taking the time to get to know your stakeholders and target audience. We analyze your organization’s strengths, challenges, and opportunities and identify what sets you apart from the crowd.

PixelSpoke Discover Phase

Phase 2: Define

Next, we create the sitemap and wireframes — the blueprints, if you will. We leverage the insights we gleaned from the Discover Phase to determine where visitors need to go, how they will get there, and what they will find when they arrive.

PixelSpoke Define Phase

Phase 3: Design

During the Design phase, we work with you to bring your brand to life, transforming our grayscale wireframes into vibrant designs that help you to stand out from the crowd. We make sure it’s all ADA compliant, too.

PixelSpoke Design Phase

Phase 4: Develop

The Develop phase is where all the magic happens. Your mock-ups become interactive web pages that pull together the layouts, copy, and photos that we have carefully curated over the course of the project. We train you on how to use your new content management system, empowering you to control the content on your site.

PixelSpoke Develop Phase

Phase 5: Deploy

We thoroughly test your new site for issues relating to user experience, programming, design and copy. Then it’s time for our zero-downtime launch! All of our work is covered by our comprehensive warranty.

PixelSpoke Deploy Phase

Our Ongoing Relationship

Huzzah! You have a new website! Now what? Here’s what you can expect after launch:
Graphic of PixelSpoke Ongoing Services

Phase 1: Celebrating & Visioning

Let’s not forget to celebrate! A new website is a huge investment of time and resources for both our teams, and it’s important to acknowledge a job well done. Then when the dust has settled, we’ll touch base to talk about your post-launch hopes and dreams, as well as any new ideas we’ve cooked up along the way.

PixelSpoke Celebrating and Visioning Phase

Phase 2: Roadmap, Budget & Cadence

Based on the goals you outlined for us during the Visioning Phase, we’ll craft a roadmap to help guide your digital marketing efforts for the upcoming year. By collectively reviewing and prioritizing projects, we’ll determine the meeting cadence and budget level that will help you reach your goals.

PixelSpoke Roadmap, Budget & Cadence

Phase 3: Strategy Meetings

During monthly or quarterly strategy meetings, we review analytics reports, plan for upcoming projects, and offer digital insights gleaned from the latest marketing trends. The work we’ll collaborate on can range from small improvements, like tweaking existing page templates, to mid-size upgrades, like personalizing your homepage, to larger projects, like a website refresh. We also offer (and highly recommend!) user testing and ADA audits.

PixelSpoke Strategy Phase

Phase 4: Rinse & Repeat

After we identify and execute on your priorities, we’ll touch base again to report on metrics and line up the next set of projects. In the meantime, we’re always working to keep your website secure, resolve bugs, update plugins, and more.

PixelSpoke Rinse and Repeat

Our Ongoing Strategy Services

Analytics Reports

Through regular analytic reports, we identify traffic patterns, measure outcomes from previous projects to determine what’s working (or not working), and glean insights to inform future projects. For example, after revising the navigation to more proactively encourage a credit union website’s visitors to become members, we found that traffic to the Join page increased by 850%!

Google Analytics Report

ADA Audits

We want to help keep your website accessible for the nearly 61 million adults across the United States (26%) who live with some form of a disability. We support our clients’ websites to the WCAG 2.0 Level AA standard from the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). Though online scanning tools are helpful, the standard is subjective in many areas, requiring us to manually review every page on the site. We also follow our internal checklist of items the automated scanners cannot address, such as written alternatives for audio.

ADA certification letter and report

Email Onboarding Series

Not everything we do is on our clients’ websites. We’ve developed email onboarding series for a number of our clients, which have resulted in open and click-through rates well above industry average. These series help to onboard new members and nudge them toward resources, products, and services that may be of interest.

Email welcome series

Personalization & Automation

According to Deloitte, consumers now expect to be “given the opportunity to shape the products and services they consume.” Whether geolocating photos and copy; tailoring homepage experiences to members and prospects; or customizing content based on a visitor’s previous browsing history or financial goals, we offer a number of solutions to help credit unions and other companies deliver on the “personalization promise.”

Dual homepages

Interactive Digital Tools

It’s one thing to tell your website visitors that you have great rates; it’s quite another to show them exactly how much money they could save or earn. We can help build customized interactive tools, like calculators and advice tools, that engage prospects and guide them toward best-fit products and services.

Calculate your savings and impact calculator