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About Clean Energy Credit Union

Clean Energy Credit Union is an online-only, federally chartered credit union serving members throughout the USA. Its mission is to promote clean energy, environmental stewardship, and cooperative enterprises through the financial services it provides to its members.

Here’s a snapshot of the credit union at the time of the website launch in February 2023:

  • Year founded


  • Asset size

    Over $51 million

  • Field of membership

    The United States

  • Number of members


We couldn’t be happier with the new website. As an online-only credit union, it’s imperative that our website reflect who we are as an organization and communicate our mission. PixelSpoke was able to help us bring that vision to life by working with us to create a website that effectively educates visitors on who we are in a visually appealing way.

— Nicole Burford, Senior Director of Marketing and Sustainability

Screenshots of before and after versions of Clean Energy website

About the project

As impact-oriented cooperatives that care about financial inclusion, PixelSpoke and Clean Energy Credit Union are kindred spirits. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to redesign their website, helping them to better differentiate, attract new members, and lay a strong digital foundation. Here’s how we partnered to achieve these goals:


Differentiating through design and storytelling

With a wide range of new user-friendly layout options, the new website tells the Clean Energy story in an accessible and easily understandable way. The copy, with its warm and inclusive tone, aims to uplift and inspire. The visuals tell the Clean Energy story as much as the words — with authentic member and team photos, stylized illustration elements, a refined color palette, and prominent videos and testimonials, the site offers both an unique and intimate experience that stands out from other credit union websites.

Clean Energy Credit Union Careers page

Making a compelling case to join

Banking with Clean Energy Credit Union is not just about… well, banking. It’s about joining a movement. Through bold copy and eye-catching design elements, the website’s custom “Open an Account” page emphasizes both how Clean Energy’s passion for the environment sets it apart, but also how it offers “all the benefits you expect from a financial institution.” An impact calculator enables prospects to measure the pounds of carbon offset their deposit dollars could fund per year if they open an account.

Clean Energy Credit Union Open an Account page

Laying a strong digital foundation

Clean Energy Credit Union is an online-only financial institution, and as such, it’s critical to maintain a coherent, user-friendly digital presence that stays one step ahead of the curve. The website’s modern design, upgraded CMS, interactive tools, and seamless integrations all help to lay a strong foundation for further iterations and evolutions in years to come.

Clean Energy Credit Union calculator tool

By the numbers

In the three months after launch…

  • User engagement increased by

  • Organic search increased by

  • Link clicks increased by


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