The Remarkable Credit Union Podcast

What distinguishes a “typical” credit union from one that is truly remarkable?
Find out in our monthly podcast.

The Remarkable Credit Union, co-hosted by PixelSpoke co-owners Kerala Taylor and Cameron Madill, explores the intersection of marketing and impact in the credit union movement.

  • Get business and marketing insights from trailblazers both inside and outside the credit union movement.
  • Learn how to identify and pursue your true core and differentiators. (Hint: they’re not great service and competitive rates)
  • Think about how to “innovate differently.” Innovation doesn’t have to mean fintech.

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Thank you for you and your team’s production of the Remarkable CU podcast. It is info packed and interesting. As the CEO of a small CU, and the director of a CU trade association, I appreciate the work you do and the message you convey.

— Ron Draper, CEO, Somerville’s Credit Union

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More About the Show

The Remarkable Credit Union is produced by PixelSpoke, a digital marketing agency that works with credit unions to create beautiful, easy-to-use, award-winning websites. As a B Corp and worker-owned cooperative, PixelSpoke believes that business can, and should be, a force for good. Co-hosts and co-owners Kerala and Cameron have over 40 years of combined experience in the marketing industry. Cameron is a Certified CU Development Educator (CUDE) and Kerala is an Associate Board Member for the Marketing Association of Credit Unions (MAC).

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The Remarkable Credit Union podcast