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Community Giving Spotlight: Inclusiv Champions Financial Inclusion

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At PixelSpoke, we’re serious about giving back. In fact, community giving is written into our cooperative bylaws. Each year, we donate 10 percent of our profits to organizations that are creating a more just, equitable, and sustainable world. Five percent of our profits support nonprofits that are dedicated to promoting credit unions as a force for good and/or supporting a cooperative economy. The remaining five percent support nonprofits selected by team members as part of our employee-led giving program.


For the second year in a row, we’re proud to support Inclusiv and its mission to help low- and moderate-income people and communities achieve financial independence through credit unions.

What Inclusiv does

Inclusiv develops and delivers innovative products focused on low-income consumers, fosters strategic partnerships, identifies best practices and lessons for serving underserved communities, and provides education and training to CDCU (Community Development Credit Union) leaders.

How Inclusiv inspires us

Credit unions began as a means for low- and moderate-income people to pool their resources and help one another achieve financial well-being. Inclusiv is helping to keep the original spirit of the movement alive, motivating credit unions to both reconnect to their roots and explore new pathways forward. We appreciate the organization’s pioneering work in the CDFI (Community Development Financial Institution) and CDCU space, including its commitment to bridging the racial wealth gap and its work to build credit union capacity for designing and scaling solutions to climate change.

PixelSpoke team members at the 2023 Inclusiv Conference
‘Spokers Dave Drouin (left) and Ula Kuras (center) at the 2023 Inclusiv conference.

Beyond the dollars

We’re committed to building relationships that go beyond the dollars. PixelSpoke team members have attended three Inclusiv conferences over the years and invariably return feeling uplifted and invigorated. Of course, we love building credit union websites, but sometimes we get buried in the technical minutia, and we appreciate the opportunity to take a step back and reconnect with the broader credit union movement.

In the past year, we’ve attended Inclusiv’s monthly town halls and invited two Inclusiv team members to join our Remarkable Credit Union podcast—Neda Arabshahi, Vice President of the Inclusiv Center for Resiliency and Clean Energy, to talk about climate finance, and Chriselle Martinez, CDFI Program Director, to talk about the why and how of CDFI certification.

We are also proud to have a number of Inclusiv members in our client portfolio, including Clean Energy Credit Union, DC Credit Union, Clearwater Credit Union, Point West Credit Union, VSECU, NextMark Credit Union, and Sound Credit Union.

We look forward to continuing to support Inclusiv’s critical work in the year to come!

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