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Welcome New PixelSpoke Co-Owners!

New PixelSpoke co-owners Arian Cabezas, Elie Herrera & Ryan Simsich

We’re thrilled to welcome three new co-owners to PixelSpoke’s board of directors! As a cooperative, we rely on our worker-owners to set the company’s strategic direction, and we’re always excited to welcome new teammates into the fold.

Inspired largely by our credit union clients, PixelSpoke transitioned to a cooperative model in January 2020. Our ownership structure enables us to live our beliefs by promoting civic participation, reducing inequality, increasing employee engagement, and ensuring our long-term sustainability. Ten of our 17 team members are now co-owners.

Arian Cabezas (left), Senior WordPress Developer, joined the team in 2018 with over 10 years of programming experience. He also served as an Assistant Professor at the University of Information Sciences in Havana, Cuba, for over five years. Arian says, “PixelSpoke resonates with how I envision the ideal world. I look forward to the opportunity to be more engaged and involved in the future of the company.”

Elie Herrera (center), Senior WordPress Developer, joined the team in 2017 with over a decade of graphic design and website development experience. He says, “Since the first day I started working at PixelSpoke I fell in love with the great community of people dedicated to improving the world around them. Now that the company has become a cooperative, I realized that it is a good opportunity to contribute to and invest in this great project.”

Ryan Simsich (right), Senior UX Designer, joined the team in 2018 after working for PixelSpoke as a contractor, bringing over 14 years of freelance art and design experience to the job. He says, “I am excited about the idea of helping to guide the company by being more involved in decision-making at PixelSpoke.”

Learn more about why we transitioned to a cooperative ownership structure.