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Patriot Federal Credit Union’s New Website is Built to Last

Patriot Federal Credit Union website on desktop and mobile

We’re excited to announce the launch of Patriot Federal Credit Union’s new website! Patriot aims to be a financial partner for life, so we designed a website that was built to last.

Established in 1965, Patriot Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative, democratically owned and run by its members and headquartered in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Patriot Federal Credit Union website redesign - before & after

From the outset, Patriot and PixelSpoke established three primary goals for the website redesign:

  1. Build a website that appeals to diverse demographics
  2. Enhance self-serviceability
  3. Create a partnership for continual improvement


Patriot Federal Credit Union Spanish-language version of the website

Building a website that appeals to diverse demographics

With a streamlined color palette, layered shapes, and subtle animations, the website offers a dynamic, user-friendly experience for visitors of all ages. Whether they are looking for information about a product or service, have a question to ask, are ready to apply for a loan or open an account, or want to explore financial education resources and tools, the new site’s highly intuitive navigation gets them where they need to go. Multipath calls to action on product pages enable visitors to choose how they take the next step, whether it’s by calling, applying online, or visiting a nearby branch.

To meet the growing Hispanic population in the credit union’s field of membership it was important to Patriot to be able to offer a Spanish-language version of the new site. Every page of the site offers a similar version translated into Spanish in order to communicate efficiently with Spanish speaking members.


Patriot Federal Credit Union Open an Account page

Enhancing self-serviceability

The website includes added product page layout options to help make content more accessible and scannable, with multiple calls to action throughout the page, as well as easily accessible ways to apply for a loan online, make a loan payment, and open an account from any page on the site. A robust “Open an Account” page outlines the benefits of joining the credit union, including what differentiates Patriot from banks, and a clear step-by-step process that outlines everything you need to get started. For current members, a promo spot in the Online Banking login dropdown helps Patriot communicate special offers and timely announcements to members who would otherwise go directly to online banking.


Patriot Federal Credit Union homepage

Creating a partnership for continual improvement

The website is built using flexible WordPress templates that empower the Patriot marketing team to update rates, product pages, photos, blog, and other information as needed. Moving forward, Patriot and PixelSpoke look forward to continuing their partnership to further evolve the website and better support the financial well-being of Patriot members.

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