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Trailhead Credit Union’s New Website Blazes its Own Trail

Trailhead Credit Union website on desktop and mobile

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Trailhead Credit Union’s new website! With a mission to deliver financial solutions that enhance members’ quality of life and enrich their communities, Trailhead serves over 8,800 members in Multnomah County, Oregon.

Trailhead Credit Union website before and after the redesign

PixelSpoke first redesigned Trailhead’s website in 2013—in fact, Trailhead was PixelSpoke’s first credit union client, inspiring us to make an intentional shift into the credit union space. The goals for the latest redesign were:

  1. Refresh the look and feel
  2. Make it easy for visitors to find what they need
  3. Highlight and integrate digital tools


Trailhead Credit Union Join page on desktop

Refreshing the look and feel

Trailhead’s redesigned website doesn’t hold back. With bold fonts and colorful photos, it is immediately eye-catching and clearly differentiates itself from other financial institution websites. Instead of relying on generic stock photo models, Trailhead features imagery that reinforces its “nonconformist” identity and that reflects the diverse and proudly idiosyncratic nature of the region it serves.


Trailhead Credit Union navigation menu on mobile

Making it easy for visitors to find what they need

Whether visitors are looking for information about a product or service, are ready to apply for a loan or open an account, or want to explore financial education resources, the new site’s highly intuitive navigation gets them where they need to go.


Trailhead Credit Union's interactive digital banking preview

Highlighting and integrating digital tools

Trailhead’s robust digital banking page offers an interactive tour of its mobile banking app, enabling visitors to explore features like bill pay, remote deposit, transfers, secure messaging, and more. Visitors are able to see screenshots from the app, helping both current members to familiarize themselves with the mobile banking features they have at their fingertips and prospects to understand the extensive array of digital banking features available to Trailhead members.

Moving forward, Trailhead and PixelSpoke look forward to continuing their partnership to further evolve the website and better support the financial well-being of Trailhead members.

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