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The Themed Credit Union: The Launch of the Clean Energy Credit Union

Wind turbine in a field

Clean Energy FCU

In this episode we discuss the 3-year journey from concept to launch of the Clean Energy Credit Union, a credit union entirely focused on clean energy loans. Blake Jones, the founding board chair, discusses their innovative strategy for growth despite being unable to raise capital, their unique partnership with a national non-profit, and how they are focusing on consumer passions and an unmet market need to build a different kind of credit union.

Cameron’s Key Takeaways

  1. People are eager to put their money somewhere that matches their values, especially in the current political climate.
  2. By doing something radically different – fusing the CU model with social enterprise – they are getting a massive amount of natural buzz.
  3. By directly connecting with the mission and values of a non-profit, credit unions have a huge opportunity to attract members and get access to likeminded individuals.

p.s. Interested in the Cause Marketing whitepaper mentioned in the podcast? Find it here >>>