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Site Study: Mountain America Credit Union

Mountain America Credit Union opened its doors in the 1930s with a simple goal: to guide members toward financial success. Today, they do this through a combination of affordable products, friendly service, community involvement, financial education, and an impressive suite of digital tools and resources.

Here, we review www.macu.com to highlight what Mountain America is doing well, and how you can be more like Mountain America.


Streamlined (and beautiful) loan application process

After working for seven years to digitize back-end processes, with the goal of ultimately going paperless, Mountain America aimed to digitize the front-end process, partnering with Blend to create a user experience that puts members first. The result is a thorough, accessible, intuitive online loan application process that helps you understand what products would be right for you, and helps the Mountain America lending team pair you with appropriate and personalized rates for which you might qualify, pending further approval.


Financial education for all learning styles

Whether you’re a reader, doer, or visual consumer, Mountain America has you covered. Its robust financial learning center includes interactive calculators, seminars, infographics, blog posts, YouTube videos, and ebooks. They do a nice job of promoting the ebooks in conjunction with relevant content to incentivize visitors to provide their email addresses. That way, they can not only continue their financial education efforts via targeted automated email campaigns, they also gather information on what products and services the visitor is interested in.

Mountain America Learning Center


Homepage navigation that gets visitors where they want to go

Some visitors like to browse and some want to get where they’re going without having to think too hard. In addition to a well-organized navigation structure, visitors to the homepage can access a set of prominent quick links and a search tool that doesn’t take them to a separate page to peruse results. Even though these elements take up valuable real estate, Mountain America still managed to get a pretty photo and a value proposition in above the fold.


Improve your website today: Add or reevaluate homepage quick links

If you don’t have a set of “quick links” on your homepage—4-5 prominent links to the most commonly visited pages on your site, often accompanied by icons—now is the time to consider adding some! If you already have quick links, now might be the time to make sure they still reflect your visitors’ needs. Use your website analytics to determine the most commonly visited pages on your site over the past year. If your site has search functionality, take a look at the most commonly searched for pages as well. Do they match up to your homepage quick links, or are there any glaring discrepancies?

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