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Site Study: How Louisiana Federal Credit Union’s Website Helps its Members “Get There”

Louisiana Federal homepage on desktop and mobile

Our site studies identify the key attributes that help a bank or credit union website rise above the rest. Our site studies do not focus on PixelSpoke client websites, but rather bank and credit union websites that our clients admire. Do you have a recommendation for a future site study candidate? Let us know at contact@pixelspoke.com.

When it comes to finances, everyone might have a different “there.” But wherever your “there” is, Louisiana Federal Credit Union has designed its website to help you arrive at it. Here are three ways Louisiana Federal is nailing it, and one concrete action you can take to improve your website today:  

Testimonial with photo on Louisiana FCU's website

Photos and videos of real members

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but let’s face it—not all pictures are created equal. A cheesy stock photo of a suspiciously happy family in a suspiciously clean home might add some visual interest to a page, but photos of real members add both validity and a powerful sense of personal connection. Louisiana FCU has prioritized pairing its testimonials with real photos, and even features some short videos of its members. These elements back up its claims that members are “the focus of everything we do.” 


Screenshot of credit card product page on Louisiana FCU's website

Robust product pages

For your credit union website’s product pages to act as the sales tools they should be, product information needs to be digestible, contextualized, and visually appealing, with clear and easy next steps. Louisiana Federal “chunks” its content, making it extremely easy to scan for what you’re looking for, and then process the information once you find it. Plus, it presents a compelling case with comparison tables that clearly demonstrate potential savings and earnings achieved by using its products over other standard options.

Products for the financially underserved on Louisiana FCU's website

Effective communication around products for the underserved

If you don’t feel welcome at traditional banks, you might feel differently while browsing Louisiana Federal’s website. Not only does the credit union offer products geared toward traditionally underserved populations, like Reboot Checking Accounts and Payday Loan Alternatives, but easily digestible comparison tables and warm, jargon-free language help to clarify why and how its products are genuinely intended to serve, not punish, the underbanked.


Improve your website today

If your website features testimonials, but no accompanying photos, make it a priority to reach out to three members and request permission to use their headshots in conjunction with a testimonial. No testimonials on your site? Let’s start there. Already have testimonials and photos? Good for you! Now, how about filming a 30-second video testimonial with a happy member at one of your branches? These days, you can get by with an iPhone and a quiet, well-lit corner—fancy recording equipment necessary.

If you’re looking to revamp or bolster your website’s capabilities, contact us at PixelSpoke today!