Katie Stone (She/Her)

CEO & Co-Owner

A lifelong sports fan, I am motivated by a strong competitive drive and the thrill of taking on new challenges. I am fascinated by the concept of synergy and I strongly believe that a cohesive team can accomplish more together than the sum of the individual contributions of team members. As the CEO at PixelSpoke, I utilize my strong analytical and organizational skills and my talents around process improvement to help our team and clients achieve big and small wins!

I have a diverse professional background that includes roles in sales, operations, and finance. I have a B.A. in English from UCLA and an M.B.A. from West Texas A&M University. I have a strong natural curiosity and a love of learning that drives me towards continual improvement.

At PixelSpoke, I love that I get to work alongside passionate, smart, and dedicated colleagues who embody teamwork and pursue creative Everybody Wins solutions!

Personal Highlights

What I love about Portland: Summers and our craft beers.

My favorite place ever traveled: In 2018, I went on a week-long river rafting trip through the Grand Canyon. I was awestruck by the history, natural beauty, and above all, the serenity of the Colorado River and the surrounding area.

Hobbies: Eating good food, playing softball, traveling, going to concerts, weightlifting, reading, and anything that involves being active outdoors.

Weirdest thing I’ve eaten: Freshly caught sea snails I purchased from a fisherman in Mexico.

Bonus fact! I once spent a night singing karaoke with Haddaway at a wine bar in Munich, Germany!