Using Business as a Force For Good

How Can My Business Make an Impact?

Quick Impact AssessmentAs a B Corp, we believe business can be (and should be) a force for good. See how your company can make an impact by taking the quick B Impact Assessment. It takes about 15-30 minutes, and is excellent preparation for actual certification.


Measure Your Impact

Why Should My Business Focus on Impact?

Beyond simply giving you warm fuzzies for helping to improve the world, focusing on impact can actually make your company more successful. Keep reading to learn how to:

  1. Recruit better talent
  2. Engage your existing employees
  3. Attract more customers

(Plus, see PixelSpoke’s 2016 Impact Report, and learn how to get involved supporting refugees.)


Recruit Better Talent

Prospective employees are no longer just looking for a place to work – they want to be engaged with a company they can feel about working for. When your company culture includes a clear focus on making an impact, you’ll attract people with a similar vision. If they get an offer for a similar position somewhere else, your commitment to impact can be what wins them over.

Portland B Corp Kinesis, Inc was recognized as one of the ‘Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America’ in Entrepreneur Magazine, and the company’s culture is clear in each job description.

See How Kinesis Recruits with Values


Q12 Survey

Better Retain and Engage Existing Employees

Gallup’s Q12 survey is one of the best tools to understand how to increase employee engagement; it asks the twelve questions that most strongly correlate with employee engagement, which in turn leads to increased employee retention, profitability, and revenue growth. This leaves you with the question of how to improve once you’ve gathered this data – and that’s how B Corp certification can help.

The B Corp requirements for your workplace dovetail well with the Q12 questions, so as your improve your B Corp score, you will likely also see improvements in your employee engagement scores.

Learn more about Q12

Attract More Customers

Whether employees or prospective clients, people like to vote with their dollars. Portland B Corp Living Room Realty has done a stellar job of focusing their impact on the local community, through which they have built long-lasting loyalty with their clients. People will spend their money somewhere, but they’d rather spend it somewhere they feel good about — and with the right impact focus, that can be your company.

Jenelle Isaacson, Founder and CEO of Living Room Realty, joined us for a podcast to talk about how she builds raving fans by creating emotional connection with individual people.

Listen to the podcast here

Living Room Realty

2016 Impact Report

Interested in Refugee Work?

The organization with which Cameron and other team members volunteer with is CARA Family Detention Pro Bono Project. The volunteers of CARA are committed to ending the incarceration of immigrant children and parents. You can learn more about volunteering and donating here.

You can also read about Cameron’s experiences in Dilley in the following articles:

Learn more about America’s private prison system: