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It Launched! Check Out Baton Rouge Telco FCU’s Shiny New Website

Baton Rouge Telco FCU Website Launch

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Baton Rouge Telco’s new website! With 29,000 members, Baton Rouge Telco has served the people and communities of Southeast Louisiana for more than 80 years.

PixelSpoke is a Portland-based marketing agency that specializes in website redesigns for credit unions. From the outset of the project, PixelSpoke identified three primary goals: 1) to elevate Baton Rouge Telco’s brand to excellence, 2) to create a powerful digital marketing platform, and 3) to offer members the support they need to take control of their financial futures.

Screenshot of Baton Rouge Telco Checking Accounts page

Elevating Baton Rouge Telco’s brand to excellence

Baton Rouge Telco’s new website is bright and bold, with an expanded color palette, subtle animations, and background images and graphics that add a warm, playful touch. Its new look and tone reflect its identity as a full-service, modern financial institution that offers a robust set of financial products and digital capabilities without sacrificing the personalized service and homegrown charm that set it apart from the big banks.

Screenshot of Baton Rouge Telco member reviews

Creating a powerful digital marketing platform

When it comes to digital marketing, Baton Rouge Telco’s glowing online reviews speak for themselves. They are now seamlessly integrated into key pages throughout the website, helping to build trust and establish legitimacy for new prospects. Instead of leading prospects immediately to a new member application, a prominent “Join” link on the homepage leads helps to make the case for Baton Rouge membership.


Screenshot of Baton Rouge Telco Help Section

Offering members the support they need to take control of their financial futures

Baton Rouge Telco always likes to see its members in person, but it also wants to make sure that they can get access and support when and where they need it. A streamlined navigation structure, prominent online banking login, and robust product pages help visitors to the site get where they need to go, and to find what they need when they get there. Prominent calls to action provide them with a clear next step.

Baton Rouge Telco’s new “Help” section offers visitors self-service support options, with easily accessible ways to get in touch if they can’t find what they’re looking for. An updated blog offers financial tips and advice, and interactive calculators and resources help put members in the driver’s seat when it comes to their financial well-being.

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