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What I’m Grateful For in 2020

Thank you

For many of us, this year’s Thanksgiving won’t be the large, chaotic gathering it often is. But whether or not we’re only setting a few places at the table, and whether or not we decide to roast a turkey, let’s not lose sight of what’s at the core of this holiday: gratitude.

During a year when nothing has gone as planned and many of us have seen our lives turned upside down, it’s even more important to actively practice gratitude. Why? Gratitude broadens our perspective, strengthens our relationships, combats stress, and enhances our emotional resilience.

There’s so much I’m grateful for this year. Here are a few highlights, framed by PixelSpoke’s six core values:

  • Enjoy the Journey: I’m grateful for our Joy Team, who has helped us transition to an all-remote work environment and is constantly seeking new opportunities to foster connection, trust, and yes, joy throughout this roller coaster of a year.
  • Everybody Wins: I’m grateful to be part of both the B Corp network and the credit union industry, both of which believe that business can be a force for good, and that profitability and concern for the community are not mutually exclusive.
  • Solutions not Blame: I’m grateful for PixelSpoke’s co-owners, who have joined me in navigating uncharted waters after we officially transitioned to a worker-owned cooperative in January. A new ownership structure gives rise to new challenges, and we’ve worked together to hold ourselves accountable and focus on solutions.

And of course, I’m ever-grateful for our clients, who are at the core of everything we do. Your commitment to not only improving your digital offerings, but also to supporting your members and serving your community are a constant source of inspiration.

Happy Thanksgiving, and here’s hoping we’ll have even more to be grateful for in 2021!