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It Launched! NextMark Credit Union’s New Website is Here

NextMark Credit Union's new website

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of NextMark’s new website! Formerly Fairfax County FCU, NextMark has been serving Fairfax County since 1958. With its recent community expansion into six additional Virginia counties, as well as five cities, NextMark changed its name with the launch of its redesigned website to be more inclusive to those residing in its new footprint.

From the outset of the project, PixelSpoke identified three primary goals: 1) to reflect and enhance NextMark’s rebrand and help it stand out from the crowd, 2) to guide and empower members and prospects in their financial journeys, and 3) to offer a seamless user experience that offers visitors clear next steps.

NextMark Credit Union Homepage

Reflecting and enhancing NextMark’s rebrand

The NextMark rebrand, done in collaboration with Portland, Oregon based creative design firm Ziba, acknowledges the credit union’s high-achiever audience. NextMark’s web copy reflects the new brand by focusing on empowerment and goal-setting. The new color palette and icons draw inspiration from guides, scouts, and the outdoors, and the photography is inspiring, authentic, and relatable. Subtle design patterns provide opportunities for brand reinforcement and visual interest; meanwhile, generous use of whitespace and clear typography create an effortless user experience. Between the updated brand and site redesign, NextMark stands out as the credit union others will aspire to become.


NextMark Credit Union homepage messaging

Guiding and empowering members and prospects in their financial journeys

NextMark’s prior website was primarily product focused, with little information about how these products might fit into one’s broader financial goals. The new homepage makes it clear that NextMark isn’t just here to sell financial products, but rather to help members turn their ideas into plans and goals — in essence, to find their “next mark.” The page outlines not just financial wellness tools, but also the credit union difference and the ways in which NextMark invests in its community.


NextMark Credit Union checking account page

Offering a seamless user experience that offers visitors clear next steps

A streamlined navigation structure organized around the user’s financial goals and robust product pages help visitors to the site get where they need to go, and to find what they need when they get there. Prominent calls to action, most of which link to NextMark’s online account opening and loan applications, offer a clear way to get started. Each product page is equipped with answers to the most frequently asked questions, including a link to the site’s comprehensive FAQ page, to further support members in their journeys.

Explore more at nextmarkcu.org and see more in-depth PixelSpoke case studies here.