Luna (She/Her)

Wordpress Developer & Co-Owner

When I was finishing school, I debated between letting myself be carried away by my love of art and being a singer or paying attention to my taste for numbers and being an engineer. Back then I was fortunate that my daddy told me, “You can study anything you want.” In the end I decided that being a systems engineer was the right choice.

I think that being a software developer is the closest thing to having superpowers in real life. Like Iron Man (my favorite superhero), you can create great things that are based on calculations and logic, but that are also full of creativity and fun. It is simply amazing!

Luna on Guitar

Personal Highlights

What I love about Medellin, Colombia – The kindness of people, the food and of course the nice weather.

My favorite place I’ve ever traveled – Barcelona is so far the most incredible city that I’ve ever been.

Hobbies – Singing and playing the guitar makes me feel full of life. I also love traveling and recording all the journey, then I enjoy editing videos to save all the good memories.

Weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten: Once in Mont Saint Michel I ate a plate full of mussels with potatoes, it was my first time and I didn’t expect it to be so delicious.