Devin Stanfield (She/Her)

Senior Digital Analyst

I am passionate about using all the levers of the internet to improve people’s lives and make positive change in the world.

I have always been fascinated with the interconnectivity of the internet. That fascination has led to a career at the intersection of technology and digital marketing and a deep understanding of how to turn disparate data into useful information.

I studied management information systems at Oklahoma State University, integrated marketing communication at West Virginia University, and honed my skills in tech-focused companies and digital agencies.

At PixelSpoke, I get to bring all of that together to improve digital banking for credit unions and their members.

Devin Stanfield

Personal Highlights

What I love about Atlanta: The weather, parks and trails, and its rich American history.

My favorite place ever traveled: My ten-year Delta Sigma Theta reunion trip to Havana, Cuba in 2019

Hobbies: My pre-2020 hobbies included traveling, concerts and live music, dining out, and organizing local events and experiences.
My hobbies now include crocheting, yoga, cooking, learning French, and exploring the great outdoors. I also enjoy reading, meditation, and coaching solopreneurs in digital marketing and operations.

Weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten: I’m a pretty adventurous eater, so I’ve eaten a lot of weird things. The weirdest, however, may have been a build-your-own bug buddha bowl bar at a sustainable travel conference in Amsterdam. There was an assortment of crispy, buggy toppings to choose from, and I tried ranch-seasoned crickets, bbq-flavored ants, and spicy silkworms.