Seth Leamer (He/Him)

Senior Project Manager

I have an extensive history translating between very disparate groups, ranging from RV dealers and muralists, to graphic designers and database developers. As a project manager, I am charged with distilling the essence of what our clients need, presenting viable options, and ensuring solutions are expertly executed by the entire team—all in a way that everyone can understand.

My broad technical and graphical background enables me to accurately convey what is possible, in what timeframe, and at what cost. I have a BA in History and Ecology from the University of Rochester and a BFA from the Pacific Northwest College of Art. I also have received training in Front End Development form the Portland Code School. (Yes, I love to learn!!)

Let me learn more about what you need, and work with my team to create a beautiful and functional solution.

Personal Highlights

What I love about Portland – The mild weather and the general live and let live attitude.

My favorite place ever traveled – Australia. I explored the outback from Coober Pedy to Darwin in a jeep tour. Stunning country, and the crocodiles … they’re real and to be feared.

Hobbies – Painting, nature, games, and an unhealthy amount of Netflix.

Bonus fact! I can’t decide—is Raw Umber a warm or cool color?