Fitz Ryland (He/Him)

Technology Director & Co-Owner

I am fascinated by finding new ways to connect big ideas to tangible practical things. Neither a big idea nor a technical solution are useful without the other. I am enthralled with relationship. I am forever in search of more big ideas, technical solutions, and most importantly, their connection.

I have a BA in Studio Art from Lewis & Clark College. My experience as an art student parallels my life as a web developer surprisingly accurately. You have a lofty idea? How are you going to make something to communicate it to other people? You made a thing. Did it communicate the idea you intended? Why? Why not? How can you do it better next time? Art to me is the methodical refinement of communication through making.

At PixelSpoke I have the opportunity to help bring the big ideas of our clients into reality with my technical abilities and contribute some of my own ideas along the way. And, I get to work with some pretty great folks.

Personal Highlights

What I love about Portland – All the bike lanes. What a wonderful embodiment of our collective values!

My favorite place ever traveled – Mt. Baker. The wonders of our own backyard are why I live here!

Hobbies –  Snowboarding, Cycling, small hobby electronics especially anything that blinks, mushroom hunting and generally romping around in the woods. Did I mention snowboarding?

Weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten –  Alligator out of my parent’s back yard. The South is a different place.

Bonus fact! I once participated in a drawing marathon drawing from life eight hours a day for two weeks.