Alexis Bingham (She/Her)

Operations Specialist

After earning my bachelor’s degree in Communications with a focus on Social and Cultural Communication from the University of Washington, I entered the Finance and Accounting world, working in both the Higher Education and Utilities sectors. Throughout my experience I discovered a passion for accuracy and finding ways to maximize efficiency. In addition to my primary job functions, I was recognized for my commitment to customer advocacy.

While my education does not directly correlate with my work experience, exploring the power of communication and the ability to create meaningful connections has been key to my achievements in both my personal and professional life. I have always been driven to find solutions and have a positive impact in other’s lives. As the Operations Specialist, I can leverage my education and career experience to support the creative minds at PixelSpoke and ensure business continues to run smoothly.

Alexis Fun

Personal Highlights

What I love about [where you live (city, state, country, your choice)]: I currently live in Michigan and love being surrounded by lakes and freshwater beaches. I am originally from Washington State and miss the mountains.
My favorite place I’ve ever traveled: I spent quite a bit of time in The Dominican Republic for an internship and came to love the culture and beautiful beaches.
Hobbies or Passion of mine: I enjoy hiking, skiing/snowboarding, reading, roller blading and bike riding with my family.
Weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten: Calamari — I’m boring when it comes to trying eccentric food.