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The Purpose-Driven Credit Union: An Interview with Kimberly Kosmenko

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Kimberly KosmenkoChange management expert Kimberly Kosmenko joins us to talk about what it means to be a purpose-driven organization, her work with the United Nations Credit Union, and her process for integrating purpose into what an organization does as it makes the journey from intention to action.


Cameron’s Key Takeaways

  •  For organizations to be truly “purpose driven,” they should look outside of their own walls and think like a social enterprise by working to solve a specific problem.
  • It is action, not simply good intentions, that prove an organization is following through with their purpose. Tools, assessments, and standards can reveal if you are walking the walk, or just talking the talk.
  • The seven cooperative principles give the credit union network has a huge opportunity to engage with other purpose driven communities to attract and retain members.