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Connecting the Heart and Mind: How The Disney Way and Community Impact Guide CoastHills Credit Union’s Strategy

Three young adults smiling

Smiling couple with mortgage agentJeff York, CEO of $940M CoastHills Credit Union, joins us to talk about what he learned from working at Walt Disney’s company credit union about delighting members, how he thinks about community impact (hint: it’s not just writing checks), and how he connects to members’ hearts and minds to create engagement.

Top 3 Takeaways

  1. Say hello! Have a greeter at the branch to engage members and help them get what they need quickly.
  2. Know what your purpose is. CoastHills’s purpose is making a difference in its neighbors’ lives. One of their employees even took a credit union member to the doctor’s office on the employee’s day off, so you know it truly is a company-wide purpose.
  3. Connect to the heart and mind. Engagement is about more than money and numbers.

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