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Welcome AviYonce Scott, Our New Content Manager & UX Copywriter!

AviYonce Scott, Content Manager & UX Copywriter

We are thrilled to welcome AviYonce Scott to our team as our new Content Manager & UX Copywriter! We are excited to have a full-time team member dedicated to ensuring that our clients’ website content shines.

As a creative writer at heart, Avi enjoys translating hard-to-understand concepts into words that everyone can understand. She loves building bridges between messengers and those that need to hear the message the most.

Avi has a B.A. in English with a concentration in Journalism from Old Dominion University. That’s where she captured stories for the university’s oldest publication on campus. She also launched a freelance writing business from her college apartment.

As a freelance copywriter, Avi pursued the world of finance, writing content for financial advisors, private equity firms, and credit unions. Before joining the PixelSpoke team, she took on the task of visual storytelling as a video editor at television station, WAVY-TV 10 in Portsmouth, Virginia.

Avi says, “At PixelSpoke, I’m excited use my passion for storytelling to craft stories for clients and collaborate with a fun and supportive team of folks who value relationships first.”

Avi is joining our team from Suffolk, Virginia. Here are a few personal highlights:

What do you love about Virginia? The beaches! But also having my family close by.

What’s your favorite place you’ve ever traveled to? As a former military brat, I loved living in Honolulu, Hawaii while my father was stationed there.

What are some of your favorite ways to spend your free time? Hiking, biking, reading, journaling, tarot, meditation, and yoga

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? I once had the pleasure of trying squid at a local Szechuan restaurant.