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Our 2021 NPS Score is 82! Here’s What That Means.

We’re reviewed the results from our recent Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey and are excited to announce an NPS score of 82! This survey measures how likely our clients are to recommend us to others—the true mark of strong partnership.

The World Class NPS Benchmark is 70, and scores in our industry range from 30 to 60. We are delighted with our score, but even more important is how it motivates us to double down on what we are doing well and proactively identify areas for improvement. Here’s what we heard:



We really don’t want to be thought of as a “vendor,” which implies that we are only out to sell our products and services. What’s most important to us is building relationships. We consider our clients our partners, and are happy to see that our clients see us in the same vein. In the spirit of our “Authenticity” core value, we are open, honest, and vulnerable in our dealings with others. We’re proud of the long-term partnerships we’ve developed over the years and look forward to more to come!

“The PixelSpoke team brings a full partnership, with no egos.”

– Robin Lorenzen, Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union


Quality service and support

We take our clients’ needs seriously and aim to be responsive to your questions and concerns. One client described our support as “top-notch,” which is always our goal! We may not know how to approach an issue or solve a problem off the bat, but you can rest assured that we’ll work to get to the bottom of it or find someone else who does. In the spirit of our “Everybody Wins” core value, we are always striving to understand each party’s interests, have a commitment to listening and empathy, and create multiple options for mutual gain.

“Great services and all account managers are very knowledgeable. They take great care of all my needs. “

– Michelle Greenburg, Xceed FCU


Industry expertise

We know that digital marketing is a rapidly evolving industry. In the spirit of our “Curiosity with a Purpose” core value, we’re constantly challenging ourselves while bringing higher value to our clients. We know that constant learning is the fuel that leads to superior ideas for our clients and our company.

“They offer a personalized approach to web design backed by substantial research and industry knowledge.”

– Kim Faucher, Trailhead Credit Union


Where we can improve

In the spirit of our “Improve Every Day” core value, we are always looking for what we can start, stop, or continue doing to improve. One theme that surfaced in our recent NPS survey was a desire for more proactive guidance and recommendations for our ongoing partners. We are taking this feedback to heart and look forward to further pushing ourselves to identify more opportunities to evolve your websites in the coming year.

A huge thank you to all our clients who filled out our survey and took the time to offer input!

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