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Punk Rock Marketing: How a Business Can Stand Out and Build Raving Fans in a Commodity Industry — Podcast

jenelle isaacson headshotWhat does punk rock have to do with marketing? Find out in this podcast with Jenelle Isaacson, CEO of Living Room Realty, one of the fastest growing real estate companies on the West Coast. Jenelle shares what she learned about marketing from being a punk rocker, how she gave up control to her agents to find the stories that resonated in her community, and why it’s better to own a niche than nothing at all.

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Cameron’s Top Takeaways

  1. Create emotional connection with authentic stories of individual people — when we lump people together, they become invisible.
  2. Punk rock and great art are not censored — have the courage to be bold and say things like, “This house is so hot I almost peed my pants!”
  3. See marketing opportunities everywhere, in block parties and homemade signs.
  4. Beginner’s wisdom can take you to new places, and if you fail, fail forward.
  5. People relate to movements (like punk rock), so be a student of a movement to learn about marketing.