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6 Simple Local SEO Tactics Financial Marketers Can Use Today

Financial Brand

We wrote this piece for The Financial Brand, which features some great examples from our clients, including Trailhead Credit Union.

Large financial institutions have the advantage when it comes to SEO. But the confined geographic reach of community banks and credit unions can work to their advantage. Even if you only have limited time and budget to invest in an SEO strategy, it’s low-hanging fruit that’s ripe for plucking.

1. Add a Page for Each Branch to Your Website

Creating individual location pages would be an onerous task for a national bank. But the limited geographic networks of community banks and credit unions enables the creation of a specific page for each of your locations. This helps search engines easily locate your listing and deliver the appropriate location to the searcher.

While you’re at it, go ahead and have some fun! For example, Trailhead Credit Union not only includes the essential information on each branch page, like address, hours, and closures, but also fun facts about each branch and photos of surrounding landmarks.

You can read the rest of this article on The Financial Brand!