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Frugal Delight: How To Create Loyalty Through Simple Interactions

Ruby Receptionists

Katharine Nester is the Chief Product & Technology Officer at Ruby Receptionists, one of the 10 most admired companies in Oregon. She joined the podcast to talk about how businesses can turn simple transactions — digital and in person — into moments of magic that delight their customers, build loyalty, and increase profitability.

Cameron’s Key Takeaways

  • Delight is about anticipating someone’s needs, not just responding to them. It’s unexpected.
  • Seek the unique and make the mundane exceptional – reimagine the most common interactions with members to make them delightful.
  • Delight can fit in a frugal budget! It can be personal and emotional and still be inexpensive. Keep notecards at your tellers’ desks that they can use to jot a note whenever they have a connection with a member.

p.s. Have you seen Ruby Receptionists’ new website? Take a look here!