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Best Practices are for Beginners: The Secrets of Website Optimization — Podcast


jon-macdonald-750xx5472-3084-0-42Conversion rate optimization expert Jon MacDonald, founder of The Good, joins us to talk about the 3 biggest killers of website sales and how to let your members tell you how to sell them more online. Plus, hear why he thinks we are just beginning to understand how to make websites effective sales channels — for credit unions and for all industries.

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Cameron’s Top Takeaways

  1. By the time people are at your website, marketing is done and sales begins. If they’re already on your website, it’s time to start guiding them to purchase.
  2. Get your customers’ advice. Ask your customer service team about the top challenges they help customers with, then fix those on your website.
  3. Help your customers do what they want to do on your website. If you’re forcing them into a funnel they don’t want to be in, you’re not doing anyone any favors.
  4. The game is changing quickly. We’re seeing the kind of change we did when Gmail started and offered 1,000x the online email storage that Yahoo! offered. This means there are big opportunities if you can stay on top of it.