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5 Ways to Enhance Your Online Member Support (Without Busting Your Budget)

If there’s one thing we’ve heard over and over from our credit union community, it’s that members are reaching out for support and using digital banking tools more than ever. Your 2021 plan will likely take these trends into account, but you don’t have to wait until next year.

No matter how much your head swims when you hear the phrase “digital transformation” or how wide the chasm is between where you are and where you think you “should” be, there is always low-hanging fruit that can help you incrementally improve your members’ digital experience.

Here are five of the most popularly requested client projects in the first half of 2020. They all share a common goal of helping members get information or complete tasks online, without having to visit a branch or even dial a phone number:


1. Secure form integration

We’ve noticed that PDF form downloads have been up across many client sites, and I think all of us can agree that PDFs are kind of a pain. Integrating with a secure form solution offers a much more seamless user experience.


2. Live chat integration

Visitors to many sites now expect live chat options, and are also seeking out opportunities to chat via video. Now that so many social interactions take place via FaceTime and Zoom, consumers are increasingly comfortable with initiating a video call for customer service purposes, and often appreciate the personal touch.


3. Enhanced online & mobile banking page(s)

Traffic to online and mobile banking pages is higher than ever. With screenshots and tours of both popular and lesser-known features, you can better acquaint your members with your platform and show prospects that you offer robust digital banking options.


4. Mobile app pop-up

Even though many members are working from home on their desktops, people are mostly turning to mobile devices for their banking needs. We’ve seen upticks in clicks to download mobile apps and in mobile views of credit union websites. You can further encourage adoption of your app by reminding mobile visitors that they can visit the app store to download it.


5. Smarter insite search

During these fast-changing times, more visitors are turning to insite search to look for information related to PPP loans, loan relief options, and other products that might not be baked into your main navigation. We can enhance insite search options to display more relevant results; you can also follow these DIY tips.