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About DC Credit Union

Since its founding in the 1950s, DC Credit Union has been dedicated to creating access to credit for everyone in the community as a tool for economic development. The credit union is proud to be a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), bringing affordable and safe banking to those who need it the most, and working with their members to bring about financial transformation in their lives.

Here’s a snapshot of the credit union when its new website was launched in 2017:

  • Asset size

    Over $58 million

  • Number of branches


  • Number of members

    Over 11,000

  • Field of Membership

    DC government employees and residents who live and work in three DC neighborhoods

You get us. You’d probably get us no matter who we were because your learning process is thorough and you are open to seeing the best in us.

— Carla Decker, President & CEO, DC Credit Union

About the the project

DC Credit Union (then DGEFCU) had a hard-to-say name, and an outdated, non-responsive site that had nothing to do with the credit union’s deep commitment to financial equity and inclusion. As DGEFCU rebranded to DC Credit Union, it became clear that the organization’s heart is its members — so that’s who we went to.

We collected dozens of member stories, set up a photo shoot of real members in branch, and talked to members to understand what they really wanted from their credit union’s website. Our goal was to capture the soul of the credit union and bring it to the forefront in the design, UX, and messaging. DC Credit Union is all about its members – and so was this project.


Bold, inclusive messaging

Generic, bland language was no match for DC Credit Union’s warmth and passion. The Voice & Messaging Platform we created is all about accessible, friendly, and supportive communication that reinforces the brand promise of “people over products.”  Since DC Credit Union is devoted to working with people who are used to hearing the word “No” from financial institutions, we put emphasis on words rarely heard in banking, like “Yes,” “Vulnerable,” “Justice,” and “Respect.” The messaging is focused on empathy and empowerment instead of platitudes and sales.

DC Credit Union About Page on mobile

Real interviews, real faces

We went on a mission to reach members! We set up shop in a branch, photographed real members, and interviewed them about their experiences with DC Credit Union. With these stories on the site, the credit union’s commitment to community, diversity, and equity shines through.

DC Credit Union Member Stories on laptop

User experience that centers the member

DC Credit Union’s new website (and name!) reflect its commitment to helping people where they’re at in their financial journey—it’s easy to use, ADA compliant, and all about the member! Whether using a desktop, tablet or phone, visitors to DC Credit Union’s new website can enjoy a cleaner, simpler look with easy-to-use navigation and robust product pages featuring relevant rates, calculators and FAQs.

DC Credit Union main navigation on desktop

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