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COVID-19: Supporting our Clients through Turbulent Times

  • The Main Thing

    Of the four tenets that comprise “The Main Thing” we’re focusing all our efforts around this year, #1 is staying close to our clients and doing great work.

  • Our 2020 NPS Score

  • Leading with Values

    We’re serious about our core values — they not only shape how we communicate with clients and each other, but also help guide us through unchartered waters.

During the turmoil of COVID-19, our clients’ websites and associated digital tools have become more critical than ever. We’ve remained committed to supporting our clients and finding creative, Everybody Wins solutions to the problems we can solve.

Here are some of the top client needs and goals we’ve responded to in 2020:

Communicating Urgent Announcements

Branch hours and services continue to change, new products have been released to help members through the crisis, and members not familiar with online or mobile banking services are looking for extra support.

The flexible components that we build into our website redesigns have empowered clients to create robust, user-friendly, and easily editable COVID-19 resource pages. Clients can also change the messaging on their homepage, in their alert bars, and/or on FAQ pages as needed. We also worked with several clients to implement additional ways to communicate urgent information, like overlay alerts and slide-up announcements.

OnPoint COVID-19 page

Offering Timely Financial Guidance & Education

Beyond communicating timely information, our clients recognize that many of their members need extra financial guidance right now. We have advised clients on potential blog topics; created content for some client blogs; and helped other clients develop email series covering topics like managing money from home, navigating loan relief and deferral options, and preventing identity theft.

Keesler Federal blog post

Improving Digital Support Options

In our client analytics reports, we’ve noticed a sizable uptick in traffic to the “Contact” page, as well as some FAQ pages. We’ve worked with clients to provide additional avenues for support by adding video and chat tool integrations, enhancing in-site search options, expanding Member Assistance sections, and replacing PDF forms with secure online form solutions.

Enhanced Insite Search

Customized Analytics Reports and Strategy Sessions

We know there is never a “one-size-fits-all” solution for our clients, and this has never been more true than during COVID-19. Our clients’ needs have varied depending on their credit union’s size, location, and membership base. That’s why we took the time to create custom analytics reports that compared COVID-19 website activity to the prior time period and use them to identify key trends.

We also created a comprehensive COVID-19 Digital Marketing Checklist, then reviewed it with each of our clients to identify which items were most relevant to them. Using the checklist and website analytics insights, we helped to guide and shape each client’s digital marketing strategy during these tumultuous times.

PixelSpoke COVID-19 Digital Marketing Checklist

PixelSpoke Community Roundtables

We have always been committed to listening to our clients, but during COVID-19, the practice of “active listening” has become even more important. In the early days of the pandemic, as many of our clients shifted to working from home during a time when they were also contending with unforeseen and unprecedented scenarios, we also sensed a need for increased connection and support.

That’s why we starting holding biweekly Community Roundtables via Zoom so that our clients could talk through challenges with their peers in an informal, group setting. Topics have included how to reopen branches with confidence, when it might be time to start selling again, how to offer an optimal Human + Digital experience, what an inclusive digital branch might look like, and much more. The response has been so positive that we look forward to continuing to hold Community Roundtables on a quarterly basis even after the pandemic ends.

PixelSpoke Community Roundtable

PixelSpoke COVID-19 Resources

As part of our ongoing efforts to support our clients, we host a podcast, The Remarkable Credit Union; send out emails to our community with helpful resources; and post on timely topics to our blog. But when COVID-19 hit, we realized we’d need to step up our game. In addition to creating our COVID-19 Digital Marketing Checklist, we shifted from monthly to weekly emails, which expanded to include examples of the great work being done in our community; helpful tips, resources, and food for thought; answers to client FAQs; and inspiring bright spots amidst the anxiety and distress.

We also sought out guests for our podcast that could speak to marketing best practices during a crisis and created a dedicated COVID-19 section of our blog with additional tips and resources.

George Hofheimer, Filene

The people [at PixelSpoke] are great. I genuinely like everyone I work with. The quality of work and technical capabilities are top-notch. We tee up a problem and the team comes to us with possible solutions. They also actively monitor our site and the industry to proactively recommend enhancements on a regular basis.

— Ryan Zilker, Chief Marketing Officer, Sound Credit Union

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