Thomas Huskey (He/Him)

Account Manager

I love people! Throughout my career, I’ve been able to interact with tons of different people from very diverse backgrounds and cultures. This helps me in my role as an Account Manager to establish great relationships with clients, and get to know them past the services we provide.
Speaking of backgrounds, mine is all over the place. I started in the restaurant industry, moved to retail, followed by music and events, and now account management. I have a BA in music, and I also have a MBA with an emphasis in Digital Marketing. I believe each stage of my journey plays a vital role in how I build relationships with clients. Music helps me relate to diverse individuals, while business helps to strategize with top executives. Everything else makes for good talking points!
At PixelSpoke, I’m excited to work with team-orientated individuals who respect and value hard work.



Thomas Huskey

Personal Highlights

What I love about Charlotte – I love that it has elements of a Northern city with strong Southern roots.

My favorite place ever traveled – Las Vegas!

Hobbies – Taekwondo

Weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten – Nothing! I don’t do weird foods!