To all Oregonians,

Some of the recent executive orders by President Donald Trump have compelled the following members of the local community of Oregon B Corporations to speak up.

Our vision for the world is based on an inclusive and equitable economy that works for everyone, respects everyone, and creates opportunities with dignity for everyone. We would like to express our support for the many other voices that have been raised against discriminatory measures, and we are committed to fighting these measures for as long as they are in place, giving our heart and soul to create an inclusive community.

We invite you to join the over 70 businesses (and counting!) in our fight by directly supporting local communities at risk of adverse impact. Let us know if you would like to add your business to the list below (non-B Corps welcome!) by filling out the form below.

B Corporations are leaders of a non-partisan global movement to use business as a force for good. We are all B Corporations — meeting the highest standards in overall corporate social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability — but do not speak on behalf of the B Corp community. The views expressed are those of a self-organized group of individual companies and do not necessarily represent the views of the B Corp community or B Lab.

Read the B Lab Open Letter to Business Leaders

Oregon B Corps & Other Companies In Support

    • Pyramid Communications (B)
    • New Seasons (B)
    • Radix Consulting (B)
    • Kinesis (B)
    • Ted Sarvata Coaching (B)
    • ThinkShout (B)
    • Canvas Host (B)
    • City of Roses Disposal (B)
    • Sustainable Harvest (B)
    • SoupCycle (B)
    • Grady Britton (B)
    • Happy Robot
    • eROI
    • McBru
    • Harlo Interactive
    • Viridian Reclaimed Wood
    • Mathys + Potestio
    • Inavero
    • EcoShuttle
    • Point West Credit Union
    • Popina Swimwear
    • Lyceum Agency
    • Beneficial State Bank (B)
    • Porch Light
    • Consigning Women Handbags
    • Rachelle M. Rustic House of Fashion
    • Portland Store Fixtures


    • MMercer Consulting (B)
    • Fully (B)
    • Brink Communications (B)
    • Nossa Familia Coffee (B)
    • Green Drop Garage (B)
    • Mac’s List (B)
    • One Hundred Seconds (B)
    • Innovation Law Lab
    • B Line (B)
    • Idealist Consulting (B)
    • Avenue
    • Elevation Kinetics
    • Boly:Welch (B)
    • Vibrant Table
    • Celilo Media Group (B)
    • Hair M | Hair W | Y-Chrome
    • Pacific Northwest Tax Service
    • Catalyst Law, LLC
    • Malle Painting, LLC
    • Talisman LLC
    • Garnish
    • Brew Advisors
    • NetRaising LLC (B)


    • Living Room Realty (B)
    • PixelSpoke (B)
    • Looptworks (B)
    • GridWorks (B)
    • G Diapers (B)
    • FMYI (B)
    • The Joinery (B)
    • Starvation Alley Farms (B)
    • Neil Kelly (B)
    • Mad Fish Digital
    • Pilgrim Accounting
    • DW Fritz
    • Kafoury & McDougal
    • Everett Street Auto Works
    • Cupcake Jones
    • Elephants Delicatessen (B)
    • Chinook Book (B)
    • Artemis Foods (B)
    • ACME Financial
    • Bowler-Failing Properties
    • Baerlic Brewing Company, LLC
    • Metropolitan Group (B)


Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world… would do this, it would change the earth.

— William Faulkner

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