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Website Makeover: Los Alamos National Bank

We are proud to showcase our latest website makeover, a website redesign for Los Alamos National Bank (LANB). LANB is an independent, local bank with roots that date back over 55 years. Here are few ways we helped them better tell their story and showcase their products.



The old homepage did little to differentiate LANB or bring it to life. The new homepage is visually striking and captures the unique local flavors of the communities where LANB operates. The homepage hero image is geolocated, showcasing the geography of the specific area where the visitor lives.


Product Pages

We transformed product pages from walls of text to a rich array of columns, boxes, photos, and tables that not only communicate product information more effectively but that are also conducive to skimming, scrolling, and taking action.


Community Impact

LANB does phenomenal work in its community but its old website did little to showcase its impact. On the new site, we tell their community giving story with numbers, testimonials, photos, and inspiring examples.

Explore more at lanb.com and see more in-depth PixelSpoke case studies here.

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