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FAQ: How Has COVID-19 Impacted Traffic and User Behavior on our Website?

COVID-19 Google Analytics

We are starting to delve into COVID-19 related website analytics for our clients, and are seeing some notable patterns emerge. Some websites, particularly those offering Paycheck Protection Program loan applications, have seen a dramatic increase in traffic volume. Others have mostly seen changes in user behavior, including which pages users are visiting, what terms they are searching for, what forms they are filling out, and what links they clicking on.

Some trends we’re seeing across client websites include increased traffic to and engagement with: support sections of client websites, like Contact and Member Assistance pages; online and mobile banking pages; and loan refinancing and relief products. Perhaps unsurprisingly, traffic to mortgage, home equity, and auto loans is generally down when compared to previous periods. Here’s an example from one client:

COVID-19 website analytics

Examining website analytics is yet another way of “listening” to your members. If you’re seeing visitors search for terms that are not yielding helpful results, consider creating dedicated pages around those topics. You may want to more prominently highlight popular relief products in the promo spots on your homepage or login dropdown, or temporarily add them to your website navigation menus.

TIP: If you plan to make a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) application available on your website, please let your project manager know. Given the popularity of these applications, we would like to be proactive about increasing server capacity and we also want to ensure that your form solution can handle the anticipated volume of applications.