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FAQ: How Can We Show our Members that We’re Listening and Responding to Their Needs?

Member taking survey

One of our clients, who recently linked a survey from their alert bar to better understand their members’ current financial needs, reported that the survey received over 8,000┬áresponses! The stunning response certainly speaks to members’ heightened financial anxieties and a need to feel heard.

There are a lot of great digital channels for soliciting feedback, and it’s best to meet your members where they are. That’s to say, don’t rely on one channel only. Consider:

  • Utilizing online surveys and promoting them via alert tools on your website
  • Asking questions or soliciting feedback on social media
  • Including calls for feedback and story sharing in your email newsletters
  • Asking your blog readers to email you their responses to questions you pose in your posts
  • Organizing virtual office hours, community roundtables, or town halls
  • Building opportunities for member story sharing into existing communication tools, like your contact form, call center scripts, or post-transaction surveys

But what about your members who less likely to utilize digital channels? It all goes back to proactive member outreach and meeting members where they are. Sometimes we forget we can pick up a phone! Calling to check in on members, particularly those who aren’t enrolled in online banking or haven’t recently logged in, is a great way to leverage under-utilized staff members.

TIP: If fear of being overwhelmed by responses is preventing you from reaching out, try tailoring your survey to specific member subgroups and staggering your solicitation efforts. You can always start small and build from there.