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FAQ: How Can I Ramp up our Online Financial Education Efforts in a Meaningful and Effective Way?

COVID-19 financial education

There is definitely an appetite for financial guidance right now, and credit unions who have long struggled with a lackluster ROI on financial education may now see their efforts yield more meaningful results. Clients who are posting relevant educational content have seen a 35% – 300+% increase in traffic to their blogs over the last month.

Generic posts about how to save for retirement are not what your members are hungry for; everything you post should be related to navigating finances during a pandemic and preparing for a longer-term recession.

Particularly considering the timeliness of your posts, make sure you have or develop a distribution plan so they don’t sit and gather dust in your archives. Don’t be shy about sending more email or posting more frequently to social media than usual. If you’re writing to topics that are at the forefront of your members’ minds, not only won’t they mind, they will actually appreciate the extra effort.

Having trouble coming up with topics? A member survey is a great place to start!

If your online event calendar is looking a bit sparse, consider hosting webinars on timely financial topics; virtual “office hours” with financial counselors or member service representatives; or community conversations, leveraging tools like Zoom or Google Meet. People feel understandably isolated right now, and anything you can do to help nurture a sense of community and connection is likely to make them feel a bit better.

See the Financial Education section of our Digital Marketing COVID-19 Checklist for more guidance.

TIP: If you don’t have the bandwidth to host your own virtual events, remember that your third-party financial education provider may offer webinars or courses that you can feature on your event calendar or elsewhere on your website.