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FAQ: How Can I Improve Insite Search on Our Website so that Members See Relevant Results?

Person using Insite Search

Based on what we see when looking at client analytics, visitors using insite search typically account for less than one percent of total visitors. This is a good thing, as high insite search usage could indicate broader problems with your website navigation structure.

That said, you still want your visitors who are using insite search to find what they’re looking for, and what they’re looking for now may not be yielding relevant search results. That could be because visitors are searching for new relief products or other services that are buried on long COVID-19 landing pages.

The DIY approach to improving insite search is to check in Google Analytics for top searched-for terms (since mid-March if you’re looking for COVID-19 related trends) and create corresponding pages. The pages don’t have to be long or fancy. If a lot of members are searching for Skip-a-Pay, for instance, the page could be as simple as a paragraph overview of the terms and conditions, with a link off to secure third-party online form.

We can also help with upgrades to your insite search functionality—for instance, including excerpts on the search results page, adding keywords to existing pages so they rank higher for specific searches, and/or enabling predictive search functionality.

TIP: Even during times of crisis, “routing number” seems to remain the most popular insite search term on credit union websites. If you haven’t yet already, create a page entitled “Routing Number” and list the number in the content of the page. That’s all you have to do! You don’t have to link it from anywhere and you don’t have to include anything else on the page.