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FAQ: Amidst So Much Talk of Reopening, Where Should We Be Focusing our Messaging?

Sign that says Back to Normal Maybe?

First, there are the reactive tasks to attend to, some of which may feel like reverse fire drills, like updating your COVID-19 resource page and your location pages with any new information about opening branches or expanding hours. You’ll probably want to take another look at our COVID-19 marketing checklist to make sure you have your bases covered.

When it comes to proactive messaging, keep these three points in mind:

  1. Your members are still hurting. It’s critical to continue leading with messages of help and support. Their lives are not yet “returning to normal,” and neither should your website.
  2. Your members also want to know that you’re taking care of your employees. If you are re-opening branches or expanding hours, be transparent about the steps you’re taking to protect your frontline staff. Consider using a homepage promo spot to show your gratitude.
  3. Keep in mind that even if you live somewhere that is taking steps to re-open, many of your members will still be staying at home. Schools remain closed and health concerns are not receding. Continue to be sensitive to these realities in your messaging and use of imagery.

Also, don’t forget about the power of storytelling. Now that you’ve had some time to offer relief products and support services for members, consider featuring a selection of stories that demonstrate how you’re helping your members through the crisis. Not only are stories a powerful way to highlight the range of experiences your members are having, but they also show your community that you have their back.

TIP: If you offer business services, share stories about your small business clients. Ask what the community can do to support them and rally your members to offer support in whatever ways they can. What better way to realize the credit union philosophy of people helping people?