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The Business Case for Sustainability at Credit Unions

Tree in the forest

Kevin Wilhelm, renowned sustainability expert and author of 3 books on the topic, joins us to talk about why sustainability makes sense for the bottom line, how it relates to the 7 Cooperative Principles, how to begin your sustainability journey (hint: it’s not fire, ready, aim), and why you need to listen to your members to get the best results.

Cameron’s Key Takeaways

  1. Instead of purely environmental terms, Kevin’s definition of sustainability is something that improves social and environmental impact while driving business results.
  2. Sustainability is a process. Don’t try to do everything at once – instead, start with an assessment and identify some easy wins to get started.
  3. While it may not fit your outward marketing, sustainability should be a huge priority for your employee-facing communication based on how important it is to Millennials and Gen Xers.
  4. Credit unions have social sustainability baked into their DNA, and environmental sustainability can easily be the next step.