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Website Makeover: OnPoint Community Credit Union

OnPoint Website Makeover

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the new OnPoint Community Credit Union website, one of our largest and most complex projects to date!

OnPoint Website Launch

OnPoint is a well-known and beloved institution here in our home state of Oregon. Its roots date back to 1932, when 16 school teachers got together to create a safe place to save their money and provide low-cost loans to other teachers and their families. It has since grown to be the largest community-owned financial institution in Oregon with more than 370,000 members.

Here are a few ways we’re helping OnPoint engage its current members and continue its impressive growth trajectory:


Create a Delightful User Experience

OnPoint’s new website is big and bold, creating an immediate and lasting impression. The homepage offers fresh images and inspirational statements that get to the essence of what this 87-year-old financial institution is all about. Not only that, subtle scrolling animations on the homepage and throughout the site add whimsy while highlighting critical information. On the Community Giving page, for instance, OnPoint’s impressive impact numbers are artfully revealed as the user travels down the page. Additionally, onsite retargeting functionality offers customized promotions to members and prospects based on previously visited product pages.


Become a Financial Wellness Leader

OnPoint is committed to its members’ financial wellness, and it wants to do more than just talk the talk. The website’s Advice Guide walks users through a series of questions to provide resources specifically tailored to their needs. Users can choose to learn about managing their finances, preparing for retirement, financing a major purchase, preparing for a life event, or building their business.

OnPoint’s robust content hub is also full of helpful articles, ebooks, and infographics, while its geolocated event calendar allows users to register for free home buying seminars and other events in their area.


Highlight the Local Connection

OnPoint serves 15 counties in Oregon and Southwest Washington, but despite its impressive geographical reach, the credit union didn’t want to lose the hyper-local connections that are so vital to community-based financial institutions. That’s why content across the site is geolocated, from photography to events to loan officers to branch locations. And speaking of branch locations, the OnPoint team actually created individual branch pages for each of the credit union’s 30+ locations, including not only basic information like services and hours, but also fun facts, like number of languages spoken and favorite nearby lunch spots.

Explore more at onpointcu.com and see more in-depth PixelSpoke case studies here.