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Site Study: MECU

The MECU (Municipal Employees Credit Union) story begins in 1936. During the height of the Great Depression, Baltimore workers were struggling to make ends meet. To ensure that Baltimore workers were able to access affordable financial services, city employees joined together and founded MECU.

In the 80+ years since, the credit union now serves 110,000 members throughout the Baltimore area, and its robust new website reflects its evolving brand. Here are three highlights:

Color scheme on MECU homepage

Consistent visual theme and color scheme

MECU’s simple but bold color palette is reflected in headers, icons, and hover animation throughout site. The rounded shapes in its logo are echoed in CTA buttons, comparison tables, and other design elements, lending the site a playful energy and distinct look and feel. Purple might be a bold choice for a dominant color, but it certainly makes an impression and helps MECU stand out from the crowd.

Website Feedback

Easy way to provide website feedback

Sometimes, it’s the small touches that count. As a member-owned cooperative, MECU understands that feedback channels are important, and to that end, it has added a simple “sticky” feedback tab that stays with you as you scroll. With clickable emojis, the process of providing feedback is painless and almost fun. This subtle but powerful feature shows that MECU cares about member feedback, and will do what it takes to turn that frown upside down.

MECU's needs-based solution finder

Needs-based solution finder

This interactive tool acknowledges that everyone’s financial goals are different, and that a mega-menu full of products may not help all visitors find what it is they’re looking for. That’s because they might not yet know what they’re looking for. The visual interface is easy to use, and each goal leads the visitor to relevant calculators, products, and financial education resources.


Improve your website today

A core credit union operating principle is democratic member control, which is about every member having a vote, regardless of his or her financial situation. But, as in any democracy, credit unions need to offer other channels for continual feedback. Find at least one page or section of your website where it makes sense to solicit member input. Maybe a sticky Feedback tab is too fancy, but what about a sentence of text with links to a contact form or third-party review site? For an elegant solution you can implement today, see what Firefly Credit Union does on its individual location pages.

If you’re looking to revamp or bolster your website’s capabilities, contact us at PixelSpoke today!