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Site Study: Listerhill Credit Union

Listerhill Credit Union website on desktop and mobile

At Listerhill Credit Union, based in Sheffield, Alabama, “it’s all about we.” With sophisticated animations and a clean, coherent design, its website is certainly impressive. But it’s some of the smaller touches that go a long way toward humanizing the credit union and making its products accessible. Here are three examples:

Listerhill Credit Union member testimonials

Authentic member testimonials

Many credit union websites feature testimonials, but it’s rare that that they are accompanied by a photo of a real member. Listerhill’s testimonials are also unique in that they showcase the accounts and loans that each featured member is taking advantage of, tying abstract financial products and services to real people and stories.

Listerhill Credit Union branch location page

Robust branch location pages

Listerhill’s location pages are carefully crafted, with attractive designs and iconography that help visitors find and process what they need to know at a glance. While branch location pages are important for communicating crucial information and for boosting local SEO, they can serve other purposes, too. Listerhill adds an impactful personal touch by featuring a photo of the branch manager and direct contact information. Small gestures like this can go a long way toward showing your members that you care.

Listerhill Credit Union CTA button on Auto Loans page

Prominent and sticky calls to action

Call to action (CTA) buttons are nothing new, but Listerhill’s sticky CTAs are both prominent and unintrusive. They stay in place as the user scrolls, but don’t interfere with essential information on the page, giving visitors a clear and accessible next step whenever they are ready to make the leap. Listerhill even found an elegant solution for their sticky CTAs on mobile, which can be difficult.

Improve your website today

If you already have branch location pages on your website, consider adding a photo, contact information, and perhaps a fun fact for each branch manager. Other fun facts, like the branch employees’ favorite lunch spot, or the average number of donuts consumed at the branch location each year, can also add an element of delight to an otherwise bland informational page.

If you’re looking to revamp or bolster your website’s capabilities, contact us at PixelSpoke today!