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Site Study: Aspiration Bank

Aspiration Bank website on desktop and mobile

Aspiration Bank’s value proposition is simple and memorable: “Save Money, Save the Planet.” On its website, Aspiration effectively showcases not only its unique products, but also its unique way of doing business. Here are three ways you can benefit by aspiring toward Aspiration:

Aspiration Bank value proposition

Lead with your values

As a staff member at a financial institution, you might be intimately familiar with your bank or credit union’s stellar service and competitive rates, but from a consumer standpoint, many banks and credit unions are more or less the same, offering a similar suite of products with similar benefits. How, then, can you truly stand out from the pack? By leading with its values, Aspiration creates an immediate and lasting impression. Its commitment to sustainability is not just an empty brand promise, or an isolated community giving program, but is rather woven into the fabric of its website, starting with its homepage content.

Aspiration Bank savings account

Don’t forget the WIFM question

It always feels nice to support a good cause, but any consumer still needs to know WIFM—What’s In It For Me? Even though so much of Aspiration’s content is focused around its promise and mission, Aspiration doesn’t forget to prominently highlight the ways in which it can save you money. A quick scroll through its homepage, product page, and fees page will reveal enticing benefits, like $0 ATM fees, cash back rewards, 2% APY interest, and a sliding “Pay What is Fair” fee scale.

Aspiration Impact Score (AIM)

Empower your members

When it comes to making a difference, Aspiration not only talks the talk and walks the walk, they also help their customers measure the impact of their purchases. AIM (Aspiration Impact Measurement) is a tool that rates your spending based on how well (or badly) a business treats its people and the planet. With one simple score, anyone can improve their own impact, and aspire to be the most sustainable consumer they can.


Improve your website today

Look at your homepage and the homepage of one of your competitors. Mentally swap out the logos and see if the content still makes sense. If your homepage could easily sport your competitor’s logo, you might have some homework to do. What core values make you truly unique? (Hint: every credit union says stellar service. You may very well offer great service, but if it’s every credit union’s differentiator, it’s not a differentiator.) Try reworking each section on your homepage to lead with a value, rather than a product. See what you come up with!

If you’re looking to revamp or bolster your website’s capabilities, contact us at PixelSpoke today!