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Site Study: Alliant Credit Union

With over 80 years of history, 450,000 members, and more than $11 billion in assets, Alliant Credit Union is not only the largest credit union in Illinois, but one of the largest in the nation. Perhaps, then, it comes as no surprise that Alliant’s website looks pretty and offers a streamlined user experience.

In an industry where differentiation can prove difficult, Alliant’s website truly shines when it comes to answering the all-important WIIFM question—what’s in it for me? Here, we review its “Why Alliant” page, which serves to convince prospective members to make the switch, highlighting three ways you can take a (web)page from Alliant:


Offer third-party validation

Sometimes the credit union industry is a bit too humble for its own good. Alliant, by contrast, isn’t shy about singing its own praises. A full-width video at the top of the “Why Alliant” page showcases Alliant’s award-winning reputation. “We’ve won awards,” the video proclaims. “Like, lots of awards.” With extensive third-party validation, Alliant earns its prospects’ trust from the get-go.


Provide interactive tools, not static charts

OK, Alliant has won some awards. But switching your primary banking provider is a lot of work. Is it worth it? The interactive rates tool that follows the video just might convince you that the answer is yes. The tool allows you to compare and contrast savings rates and monthly payments for deposit and loan products based on your account balance or loan amount. With a single swipe or click you can see how much interest your savings account would accrue with Alliant, or how much your monthly loan payment would be. Considering Alliant’s competitive rates, that number will likely be compelling.

Interactive Rates Tools


Show don’t tell when it comes to your digital banking platforms

But wait, a prospect might think. I don’t want to lose all the online and mobile banking tools I get from my big bank. Alliant quickly assuages those concerns with a visually compelling and interactive presentation of its digital banking platforms. At this point, most online banking capabilities don’t need much explaining—after all, most consumers understand what money transfers and online bill pay mean. Showing them your interface, in a streamlined way that won’t overwhelm your prospects, is far more powerful than offering a bulleted list.


Improve your website today

That old “show don’t tell” adage that you might remember from your high school English class is perhaps even more relevant in this age of visual consumption. Do you use screenshots to walk your members and prospects through your digital banking platforms? If not, now might be a good time to start. Set up a dummy account through your online and mobile banking platforms, making sure you can showcase some actual activity, like deposits, bill pay, budget goals, money transfers, or more. (A dummy account with a $0 balance won’t be particularly helpful.) Then take screenshots to add to your website so your users can instantly understand what it is you offer instead of being forced to wade through bullet points.

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