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Site Study: Elements Financial Credit Union Answers These 3 Key Questions

Elements Financial Credit Union on Desktop and Mobile

Our site studies identify the key attributes that help a bank or credit union website rise above the rest. Our site studies do not focus on PixelSpoke client websites, but rather bank and credit union websites that our clients admire. Do you have a recommendation for a future site study candidate? Let us know at contact@pixelspoke.com.


Elements Financial Credit Union doesn’t claim to be “just as good” as a bank. It’s “like a bank, only better.” Elements ranks among the top three percent of credit unions nationwide, with over 100,000 members and $1.5B in assets. Its website, designed by Williams Randall Marketing, seamlessly guides users through their buyers journeys, with a comprehensive “About” page that answers the all-important “Why Elements?” question, user-friendly loan calculators that answer the “Can I afford it?” question, and actionable navigation links that help the user understand, “What should I do next?”



Screenshot of Elements Financial Credit Union About Page

Robust About page

Elements doesn’t skimp on its About page. With attractive graphics, concise text, and animated numbers, it clearly outlines the credit union model and why it’s “better” than a bank; the quantifiable value of credit union membership; and the unique history that differentiates Elements from other credit unions.


Interactive proof points

Some financial calculators can get pretty complex, offering a greater degree of accuracy, but also potentially scaring off users who are simply looking for a ballpark estimate of, say, a monthly auto loan payment. Elements opts for streamlined calculators that are seamlessly integrated into relevant product pages. Thanks to a focus on ease of use, these calculators are intuitive for users of any level of digital literacy, which lowers the barrier to entry and helps prospects along their buyer journey. 


Screenshot of Elements Financial Credit Union Navigation Menu

Navigation with actionable links

Once a prospect is ready to apply for a loan or open an account, Elements makes it easy for users to figure out where to go next. The right columns of its navigation menus offers easy-to-find “Apply Now” and “Open an Account” buttons. The menus don’t neglect existing members, who may already have a loan and want to make a payment online, or who may need to order more checks for an existing checking account. Users who come to the site with a specific need are able to take immediate action in just one click.


Improve your website today

Take a look at your “About” or “Join” page. Does this page adequately answer the question, “Why should I join your credit union?” To help you address this over-arching question, try also asking yourself:

Does the page explain:

  1. How a credit union is different from a bank?
  2. How your credit union is different from other credit unions?
  3. What’s in it for a prospective member?

If you’re looking to revamp or bolster your website’s capabilities, contact us at PixelSpoke today!