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Getting Better at Measuring ROI: Q&A with Our Newest ‘Spoker, Devin Stanfield

Devin Stanfield

I’ve long known that a huge pain point for credit unions is measuring digital ROI. It’s a pain point we would love to help you solve, though we’re well aware of the challenges involved.

To help us all along our journey, we’re so excited to welcome Devin Stanfield to our team as our new Digital Analyst and Strategist. Her fascination with the interconnectivity of the internet has led to a career at the intersection of technology and digital marketing and a deep understanding of how to turn disparate data into useful information.

She’s only been at PixelSpoke for a month, but I wanted to get her thoughts on the analytics she’s reported on so far and where she sees areas of opportunity:

You have a lot of analytics experience, but the credit union industry is rather new for you. As you’ve started to delve into credit union website analytics, have you learned anything new or surprising?
Oh yes! I’ve learned a lot of new things already and I’m learning more everyday. As a former top-of-funnel marketer, I’m surprised that credit union blog content doesn’t drive more traffic. Credit unions have such good blog content that is so helpful; it deserves to be amplified even more than it already is, in my opinion.

Based on what you’ve seen so far, what are some of the challenges credit unions face when it comes to measuring their digital ROI?
One of the biggest challenges that I’ve seen so far is in aggregating the results of their digital efforts across all properties. On their own, data from each property provides insight and helps steer digital branch efforts, but not being able to aggregate and report in one place leaves possibilities of higher ROI on the table.

Where do you see the greatest area of opportunity?
I see the greatest opportunity in the industry’s biggest challenge. The ability to see the full digital picture and the impact of top and mid funnel changes on product conversion will allow credit unions to quickly identify the levers to pull to impact conversions.

What do you find most exciting about the credit union movement as a whole?
So much! But what’s MOST exciting to me is how credit unions are using digital resources to bring the strong sense of community they’ve created in branches online. Credit unions have always been financially innovative and revolutionary in how they support their communities, so I’m excited to see this energy being put to use to innovate digitally.

You’re our first Atlanta-based PixelSpoke employee! What do you like most about Atlanta?
The weather, parks and trails, and its rich American history.

What do you like to do in your free time?
My pre-2020 hobbies included traveling, concerts and live music, dining out, and organizing local events and experiences. My hobbies now include crocheting, yoga, cooking, learning French, and exploring the great outdoors. I also enjoy reading, meditation, and coaching solopreneurs in digital marketing and operations.

And for fun, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? 
I’m a pretty adventurous eater, so I’ve eaten a lot of weird things. The weirdest, however, may have been a build-your-own bug buddha bowl bar at a sustainable travel conference in Amsterdam. There was an assortment of crispy, buggy toppings to choose from, and I tried ranch-seasoned crickets, bbq-flavored ants, and spicy silkworms.

We’re so excited to welcome Devin as our newest ‘Spoker!

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