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Marketing with Passion AND Effectiveness: Part 1

Laura shares her lessons from her innovative “Dreams” marketing campaign that gave the members who bank at 1st Financial a voice, how her credit union has become more profitable by avoiding loans that are A credit rated, and why empathy, vulnerability, and a distaste for the word “no” fuel her marketing philosophy.

Cameron’s Top Four Takeaways:

  1. Give the people who bank here a voice. The banking industry as a whole is almost intentionally intimidating. Generations have felt neglected because they aren’t “shiny happy people.” 
  2. Dreams are the same across economic situations. People want to feel secure, send their kids to college, and be debt-free.
  3. Empathy is everything. People are more than their credit score – communicate with them on a human level.
  4. Say yes. Members need to hear, “We’re with you, and we want to say yes.”